Funny Google

How can you do fun with Google?

Try the below mentioned tricks with Google and have fun.

1. Type “do a barrel roll” (without quotes) in Google and do nothing. See what happens.

2. Type “zerg rush” in search box (without quotes) and wait for some time. See what happens.

3. Type “Google Gravity” and click on the first link you have in the search results. They play with mouse cursor with the google results and type in the search box, play with google logo, search box, and results.

4. Search in Google – “Google Rainbow” and click on the first link.

5. Type in Google – “tilt” or “askew” and check what happens.

6. Search in Google – “Google Mentalplex” and open the first link. Read the instructions and have fun.

7. Open this page and then get your cursor over two “OO” of Google and it will vanish. Try to get your cursor over the two OO and they will vanish and again come back.

8. Search in Google – “Google Hacker” and click on “I am feeling Lucky”. Enjoy!

9. Search in Google – “Google Loco” and click on “I am feeling Lucky”. Enjoy again!

10. Search in Google – “Google Epic” and click on “I am feeling Lucky”. Enjoy again!

11. Place your name in place of Google. Go to – and enter your name that you want to keep in place of Google and enjoy!  

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