Google Ranking

Answer These Questions:

  • If you own your business office or store outside of the city where people cannot reach or can reach hardly, will your business grow?
  • If you own your business office or store at the prime location in the city where people are gathered 24/7, will your business grow?

If you can understand the above questions, you can understand the importance of being on Google’s first page for your business related keywords. We’re here to help you get it done!

Google Ranking

Generally people just create a website and do not care about search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. What will happen if your website is not designed for these search engines. These search engines do not keep people to check your website daily. They have automatic robots called – crawlers or bots which check your websites on regular basis. These automatic bots work on specific steps as assigned to them by the company like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. If we create a website which can be easy and friendly for these bots, they can crawl our websites easily and get it indexed on top pages of their search engines. Generally website designers do not care about this and also the clients are not aware about this, so they just develop a good graphical designed website. But later, they do not get leads and visitors to their websites and get frustrated and feel that their money after the website is wasted!

Be Alert in the above cases!

We design such websites that are loved by these bots! We have very keep and experienced website developers who can understand the needs of your website each pages and design/develop each pages that they are good ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and many other search engines.

  • Google Ranking Process:
  • You can give us the keywords related to your products/services on which you want your website to be promoted.
  • We will¬†study and check the related other keywords that are searched on Google for your products and services.
  • We implement those keywords in the website development.
  • We send request to Google to visit your website.
  • Google Crawler will visit your website as per our invitation.
  • Your website pages will be indexed in Google and analysed by Google.
  • Gradually the pages will get higher position in Google search results for all keywords that we have implemented.
  • As the websites grows older, the chances of getting on good position increases.
  • This is a long process; however, we will get it done in some weeks.

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