Google Keywords India Level


6,000.00 3,500.00



Get your website on Google 1st page on India level keywords.

India level keywords include your keyword followed by “India” or “in India” words.


Bathroom accessories India

Bathroom accessories in India

Bathroom accessories manufacturers in India

Shower head manufacturers in India

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be totally delighted with our service and so we are pleased to offer you this powerful guarantee.

We’re confident that we understand the needs of your business, so we assure you about your business on Google’s 1st page.

If we cannot get your business on Google’s 1st Page, we refund you full amount. Yes, that’s true!

Google Ranking Process:

  • You can give us the keywords related to your products/services on which you want your website to be promoted.
  • We will study and check the related other keywords that are searched on Google for your products and services.
  • We implement those keywords in the website development.
  • We send request to Google to visit your website.
  • Google Crawler will visit your website as per our invitation.
  • Your website pages will be indexed in Google and analysed by Google.
  • Gradually the pages will get higher position in Google search results for all keywords that we have implemented.
  • As the websites grows older, the chances of getting on good position increases.
  • This is a long process; however, we will get it done in some weeks.
  • Your business will be on Google 1st page on one or more of these options: Google Places (With Map), your website pages, your business listing on any of our portals.
  • If we fail to get your business on Google’s 1st page on any of your suggested keywords, you can ask for full refund from us between 30-60 days from your order date.
  • We will refund you full amount that is 100% of your payment. No question asked!

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