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Get SMS instantly when your visitor fills and submits the inquiry form on your website. You receive full details in your email. However, we do not check emails all time during our busy day. SMS notification is the best way to let you know about the customer’s requirement.

You receive SMS with the details of the Customer’s Name, Mobile Number and City. These details are enough to decide you if you should call the customer or not. To view full details, you can easily check your email.

Auto Responder: Just when your visitor fills and submits the inquiry form, you receive SMS alert. The same way, your visitor also receives SMS alert mentioning your company name and thanking them for the inquiry. The message is like this:

“Dear Customer’ Name, Thank you for your inquiry. We have received your details and we will get back to you very soon. 
ABCD Company.”

This creates very good impression in the customer’s mind about your business. They might have contacted your competitors also from their websites, but SMS is received from you. You can imagine the difference in the customer’s mind about you.

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