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How to be the best salesman?

Many of us are salesmen or related to sales. We all want to have the best salesmanship. We all want to have the convincing power. We all wonder how to sell our products or services. So here are some tips to be the best salesman. Follow them, practice them and you will surely find the positive results.


  1. Know your customers and their needs first.

You should not start your lectures just after meeting the client. First know your client. Know his family background, his financial status and his thoughts. Then ask him what he wants. Then only it will be easier for you to convince them.

2.Know your products and services the best.

You are there with your client to sell your product or service. So definitely you have to praise your product/service and for that you have to know your product/service the best. If anyone asks you about your product/service and you are not able to answer it, or don’t know perfectly about it, know that you have lost the client.

   3.Compare with other companies’ products and services.

Also, you have to know other companies’ products as well because you have to compare your products/services with them. You should count the positive factors or elements that your product/service contains in comparison with other companies’ product/service.

    4.Be confident.

You have to be confident about your product/service and every single word you use to convince your client.

  5.Be the friend of your customer and build trust.

Don’t show more formalities to your client. Everyone understands formalities. They will definitely understand why you are doing all these formalities. Instead, be his friend and get him understand that you are convincing him because you want them to be happy and satisfied after purchasing your product/service, not only for your profit purpose.

6.Every customer is important.

Don’t ignore the small clients. Give importance to them also and try to get them to purchase big amounted product/service. Or it may that they would purchase lower amounted product/service but refer to other people and they may purchase big amounted product/service. So give importance to every client. They can be your diamond.

7.Show freshness always.

Don’t get tired selling. Show that you like to sell the product/service. Show freshness always otherwise your client will not like even to talk to you and ignore you.

8.Show happiness to work in your company.

You should show happiness to work in your company. You should show that you like your company very much and it is a very nice company.

9.Value your look and clothes.

Value your look and your clothes every time. Choose always cool colored clothes and wear them appropriately. Comb you hair nicely, and don’t forget to shave every day.

10.Give the best option at least.

Your client will always try to find negative points from your products/services to ignore or to get them at lower price. So give them chance to find negative points by serving them worse schemes first. Know what points they put as excuses to ignore the product/service and at least give them the best scheme that fill all the lacks they found in previous schemes. They have to accept the last one because they don’t have excuses now.

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